Annual report for 2018


1.6 million club is a non-profit association whose purpose is to convey objective information and support research in the areas that specifically affect women’s health and women’s diseases and contribute to increased knowledge of women’s quality of life.

What do we want to influence and change:

Women struggle for equality on all fronts, but when it comes to medical research and the content of the medical education, the man is still the norm. The results are skewed, men and women look different inside and outside. Women get worse and more outdated and cheaper medicine, worse emergency care and poorer care in lifes final stage. Of course, we women should have the same treatment and the same conditions as the men, but we only get that when the research include women in their studies.

In Denmark, the association has built up a strong medical expert group, consisting of female researchers, professors and doctors within various disciplines. The association holds seminars and cultural events as well as workshops to disseminate information and information about our work.

We have chosen primarily to spread the knowledge in the Copenhagen area to have a breeding ground to stand before we continue out into the rest of the country.

We also have goodwill ambassadors who help us spread our information about women’s health. We have now been in Copenhagen for 5 years. We have laid a foundation for the association’s existence.

We have had about 15 seminars on women’s health and countless cultural events during the 5 years.

The board today consists of: Alexandra Charles, Board member Deputy Eva Möller, AnneMarie Münter, Chairman Christine Felding, Board member Sissel Gross, Secretary / Board member. We chose on the board to focus on getting new members in 2018, whereby we made some more arrangements of a cultural nature.

We have made a new brochure

We have received new Mobile Pay. 51083

We handed out our first research grant of 15,000 crowns to a female researcher on abdominal cancer. We will follow up on that research.

We currently have about 112 paying members and we shall have a greater focus on this.

We shall have a better focus on mailings, invitations, lists, deadline etc.

We are going out better via the media, FB, Instagram etc.

With the new board, we shall decide on who does what so that everyone has a task.

In 2018, we have done the following: BACH COPENHAGENIn January, we made a visit to this exclusive store BACH COPENHAGEN- A LUXUS WORLD IN TOP CLASS. We got to see lots of exclusive fabrics for interior decoration in royal homes, but also for us ordinary citizens, as well as a nice lecture on which work is behind all this luxury.


February we were at the Swedish Embassy with a group of our experts to get a closer cooperation between medical experts and 1.6, where everyone had to come up with their ideas on how we best come out with our message.


April we were at the French Embassy and a tour of this fantastic house, after guided tour we went to Hotel Dangleterre and drank Champagne.  It was a great evening.  We have had a seminar on hormones and the transitional age with senior physician Anette Tönnes Pedersen and our own Gynecologist Christine Felding, which was a very much appreciated seminar, full house.  

 BRUUN RASMUSSEN ART EXIBITION The autumn offered a tour of Bruun Rasmussen Art Actions, which was an interesting experience and our own ambassador Alexa Bruun Rasmussen as our cicerone in this amazing house.

TOUR OF MAROCCOA group of our members was on a trip to Morocco with one of our ambassadors Fie Adamas. The group got an unforgettable trip to an exotic country and also had a visit to the feminist museum, where our group was allowed to participate.

We have been to a number of events with our ambassador for the Swedish / Danish association We have about 112 paying members, but also many who pay for each time, which we have to become better at handling.

We have held our meetings in the Swedish Church because we had the luxury of holding our meetings there for free.

At our seminar, we have been visited by various medical companies who have had an exhibition for their products in relation to which subjects we have had, which gives us a small income every time.

We are working on a project with Danske Bank about any free premises and planned and possibly a prize for our next research candidate. Some in our board have resigned due to long journeys, illness and relocation and for reasons of age.

We have had an IT man on a contract basis, which we thought was a little too expensive for an association like ours, so we look at new opportunities.

Thank you to the board, our sponsors, members, without all of this we are no association, but together we can create and disseminate this important message regarding women’s health.


Copenhagen 26/5/19
Anne Marie Münter