The Danish 1,6 millionklubb visited Musée de la Femme in Marrakech on the opening day.

The founder Nizar Gartit personally introduced the group to the new museum.

1,6 millionklubben are the sister organisation of the Swedish 1,6 miljonerklubben, which is an association with the one purpose of bringing focus on the health of women in all ages.

It is a non-profit association, where everybody work voluntarily, and everybody can become a member – young and old, women and men.

With the assistance from experts, good-will ambassador’s and members, the aim is to disseminate knowledge about women’s health, bringing the issues forward to the  public.

The association arranges seminars, lecture nights and other activities focusing on womens health.

The trip to Marrakech increased the  knowledge of the Moroccan women’s health and activities, and by visiting Musée de la Femme the association had a good insight of the life of the Moroccan women.

Thank you to M. Nizar Gartit.

Musée de la Femme
Rue Sidi Abdel Aziz
40030 marrakech